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The Sled Dogger Magazine was the idea of Colby Briggs and Erin Noll to support the Sled dogging sport and adventure in New England and the world. Problem being, although dogsledders themselves and very knowledgeable in the field, they had no publishing experience but wanted to learn.  So, Colby and Erin passed this idea on to Publisher Bob Donovan who thought it was a great idea!

Enter Publisher Bob Donovan, a family friend. Bob has been publishing small niche publications in print and digitally as a hobby since the early 90’s. A new fan and enthusiast of Dog Sledding, Bob had just sold his last publication and was looking for something else new and challenging. Colby and Erin mentioned this to Bob and he jumped right in with a few conditions:

  1. It had to be a publication that was honest, positive and supportive
  2. It had to be available FREE to anyone who wanted to read it
  3. It had to look like a magazine but be “green”/digital to read online, mobile devices or to download. No using Paper, Inks or other chemicals.
  4. It had focus not only on the pros, but also recreational mushers and, especially, the amateurs; those aspiring to race, run kennels or do adventure tours and the fans alike! A down to earth, open minded publication. Every Dog, Kennel, Race, Adventure was to be equally important no matter how big or small or what level they were at in Sled Dogging!
  5. Advertising Rates Need To Be Very LOW And Affordable For Anyone!

Colby and Erin whole heartedly agreed and within 24 hrs Bob had the website registered, partially built, a Facebook company page and was recruiting staff. Colby was hard at work recruiting other experienced staff and spreading the word with friends and family involved in Dog Sledding!

The Sled Dogger is a New England based publication but we intend to cover Dog Sledding, Bikejor, Skijor, Carting, and others styles across the US, Canada and the world! In fact, as of this writing we have writers from USA, Canada, The UK, and Australia! I feel our coverage will be well rounded with great features, information and coverage from around the world.

We don’t want to immortalize the pros; The Sled Dogger wants to support, promote, educate and inform all aspects of 4-Season Sled Dogging from novice to pro and the fans alike. Each issue will contain stories and interviews about kennels, participants, those offering products, services and more. Also, tips and tricks, dog and kennel health and even a few recipes! We want this to be a down home, by and for everyone publication for the Sled Dogging world!

Income from Donations and Ad Sales will cover our operations and growth. Any additional money will be used to sponsor events around the world!

Within 3 weeks of the formation of The Sled Dogger’s Facebook Page the support from around the world was amazing! We hit 1,000 likes within 19 days of the announcement on Facebook. However, the most exciting news was the e-mail that came in from the Camp of Lance Mackey! Lance’s office assistant Della Severtson contacted us saying Lance and the crew wants to be involved and help in any way. That was amazing! To think, the Iditarod is the ultimate and “Last Great Race” and to get the Champion of the 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Yukon Quest Champion and the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Iditarod to volunteer to come onboard and help with the publication was simply amazing.

It is our goal to live up to what everyone is doing for us and give a lot more back! This is YOUR MAGAZINE! We intend to keep it that way and get better with each and every issue!

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