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The Sled Dogger Magazine is currently seeking an ASSIGNMENT RESEARCHER and COORDINATOR.  The Sled Dogger is an All Volunteer Run Publication.  All positions are volunteer positions and there are no paid positions at this time.  The entire staff is here to promote, inform, educate and support Mushing in all levels, styles, and all areas of the world!

Duties include:

  1. Keeping in touch with the publisher to have a clear understanding of the upcoming issue themes.
  2. Search the internet, your personal knowledge base or wherever you can for interesting people, places, events, kennels, and mushing related services for possible assignments.
  3. Keeping in touch with the feature writers and providing them with assignments that fir the theme for that particular issue.
  4. Check with Staff/Feature Writers once a month for progress, problems or concerns on the assignments they’ve taken.

If you or someone you know may be interested in this position please contact: Subject: Assignments Job

Please Note: Although this IS NOT very time consuming, it DOES take time. Therefore, you MUST have time for this and be willing and able to accomplish the job.

If you are hard to get in touch with, don’t check your e-mail for days or weeks, can’t remain in somewhat constant contact with the publisher (by e-mail, text or phone), only respond to the publisher when you feel like it, this position isn’t for you. It is a very important and key position. Thank you!

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