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Winter Issue Cover - Sled Dogger The Sled Dogger Debut!

The Winter 2014/15 Issue – 178 Pages

Staff introduction along with great articles, features, commentary, interviews and more!







Spring 2015 CoverSpring 2015 “JR MUSHER ISSUE!”

The follow-up to the amazingly successful Debut Issue

The follow-up to the amazingly successful Debut Issue, the SPRING 2015 – JR MUSHER ISSUE contains 180 pages spotlighting Jr Mushers, and many feature articles.







Summer 2015 The SUMMER 2015 Issue

This issue features our cover story of Valley Snow Dogz as well as Jr Musher Spotlights, Mushing Down Under, all our Regular Columns and more features!







Fall 2015 Adventure Issue THE FALL 2015 ISSUE – “The Sled Dog Adventure Issue”

Although this issue contains out regular informational columns, the main feature focus is on Dog Sled Adventure / Ride / Tour Kennels around the world.  With the fall and winter coming, we felt it would be great shed some awareness on the kennel operators available for these services.

Also in this issue, our regular commitment to the Future of Mushing with our Jr Musher Spotlights!







This issue features Sprint Racers from around the world.  Additionally, or commitment to Jr Mushing with Spotlights on 4 awesome Jr Mushers!  Also, our regular informational and educational columns!

This issue brings awesome pre-coverage and information about the 7, yes, 7 Races Sponsored By The SLED DOGGER for 2016!  The Yukon Quest, The Copper Basin 300, The Can-Am Crown, The Great North Woods Sled Dog Challenge, Plum Creek Wilderness Sled Dog Race, Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race and Northern Ireland’s Yu-Can Quest.

This issue starts a Trial of a new software package allowing you to download to your phone or computer and keep your own archives.  Many other options too!



Spring 2015 Cover - Recreational

The SPRING 2016 “RECREATIONAL MUSHING ISSUE” featuring Jr Mushers Riley Spaulding and Brittany Ann Robinson as well as features by our Jr Staff!  Also appearing in the “Recreational Mushing Issue” are features and/or interviews with Matt Hall, A Rise in the East – Dog Sledding in Newfoundland is growing in Popularity!,  Charlotte Clawson and Wyeast Kennel, Weimz 57 – The Mix Breed Powerhouse, Cheryle Greenly Interview, Kate Smith and so much more!  Great race pictorial too!

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