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Though not a “Professional Publisher”, Bob has been publishing “niche” publications in print and on-line since the early 90’s.  He tends to only publish about things he strongly believes in and supports.  That way he feels he can keep it honest, positive and informative.

A new England native, Bob’s first publication came in the early 90’s while managing bands in the Southwestern United States.  He found nothing of substance in the area that was honest, positive and covered and supported the local or regional music scene.  Being a rebel, he started typing up pages of information, club listing and band information. Then he would photo copy a few dozen copies, staple them in the corner and distribute them to independent record stores, clubs and musical instrument retailers.  It called this “newsletter” the Alternative News as it was an alternative to the publications that printed “paid for” stories in exchange for advertising.  The bigger the ad you bought from them, the better your story or review.  As a band manager, Bob felt that wasn’t fair.

Before long the calls started coming in of people telling him they loved the “magazine” and wanting to advertise.  So, after a little thought, bob reserved a printing schedule at a local web press and started an all black and white publication on newsprint with the same name of “The Alternative News.”  Within a year this free publication with fair and low cost advertising had 30,000 readers in 4 states.  The rest is history with several more music related publications in print and then online over the years.

The Sled Dogger is a totally new thing for Bob, he always thought the “dog sled” parts in movies or documentaries about Alaska, Iceland and the North Pole were captivating, be he really knew nothing about it.  Recently however, after reuniting with his high school sweet heart 32 years after graduating, he discovered her daughter and her boyfriend ran dog sleds.  In fact, her daughter’s boyfriend’s Mon has a kennel and runs them too!  So, Bob started attending events and fell in love it and is eager to give it a go himself!

While visiting Colby and Erin (His girlfriend’s daughter and her boyfriend), they mentioned to Bob that a Dog Sled Magazine would be great to support and inform those involved and those who want to be.  Bob agreed and, well, here we are!

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