Canine Epilepsy

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MEEKO wheel Team Hill 1One of the Many Faces of Canine Epilepsy: Being A Sled Dog And Loving It!

By Dorothy Wills-Raftery

The air is brisk. The sled dogs are howling and jumping at the end of their ganglines, eager to get running. The trail is calling. After a moment of gazing out over the snow-covered horizon with the bright orange sun just peeking above the tree line, the musher gives his commands and the dogs are excited as they take off running, cutting a new trail through the fresh blanket of white that covers the land. Dog power drives the team as they seemingly glide across the land. Looking at this beautiful sight of sled dogs doing what they love best, one would never guess that among the team could be an Epi-dog—a canine epileptic.

When someone hears the words Canine Epilepsy, most do not immediately think of a sled dog, or a competitor dog of any type, but rather a “sick” dog that has seizures. Once upon a time, in the not-too-distant past, the recommended course of treatment for a dog with seizures was euthanasia. That is not the case today. Having a seizure disorder does not stop these amazing Epi-dogs from living and loving life as only dogs can. There are many therapies available today to help a dog with Canine Epilepsy live their lives to the fullest ranging from medications, nutritional supplements, dietary changes, and holistic treatments. It is important to review all options with your veterinarian. There are also many resources and much support now available today at the click of a computer mouse, so no one has to make the journey with an epileptic dog alone.

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