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Not long after announcing the debut of The Sled Dogger Magazine website and the, then, upcoming Debut of The Sled Dogger Magazine we began putting together a very qualified staff of writers; not professional writers for the most part, but very qualified and experienced Dog Sledders, Bikejorers, Carnicrossers, Skijorers and others.  Then, of course, we immediately started putting together assignments for the staff to start developing stories for the 1st issue.

In doing this, I took on an assignment for an informational story about The Copper Basin 300 Sled Dog Race in Alaska.  The story turned into an interview with some of the CB300’s Board of Directors who bent over backward to provide great pictures and information.  One of the questions we asked related to who their sponsorers and supporters were.  Then, as the publisher,  it dawned on me, “This would be something great to support with the magazine!” So, once the interview was complete, I discussed the possibility of sponsoring  this  event. Only 48 hours latter it became official – The Sled Dogger was a Sponsor!

The Copper Basin 300 is a race qualifier for the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest. It is a 300 mile look through some of the most beautiful and challenging country Alaska has to offer. It is considered the toughest 300 miles in Dog Sled Racing!

The race is organized and put on by a staff of volunteers from the area. The support from the local communities makes this race very special. Without them, there would be no CB300.

Although The Sled Dogger is promising to be “Everyone’s Magazine” and focus on all aspects and levels of Dogsledding (and related activities), we feel, even though most Dog Sledders are hobbyists, recreational, and competitive in their local or regional area, Races such as The Copper Basin are inspirational and an interest.  The Sled Dogger Magazine feels it is important to support thse races to keep a focus on Sled Dogging and to never let the sport, the interest or the adventure slip away.

In the Debut issue of The Sled Dogger Magazine you will find a great story and interview.  The Sled dogger is honored and very proud to be an Official Sponsor of The Copper Basin 300 where we’re now “Running With The Big Dogs!”

Learn more about the Copper Basin 300 at their website at:

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