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The Sled Dogger Magazine is proud to publish the story of the Denali Dogs and the only National Park to have their own Dog Sled Kennel!

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Sled dog Tours in Denali National Park

An American First
By: Madeline Pain

 The Denali National Park is one of the biggest Alaskan attractions; People from all over flock to see the natural, rugged beauty within. Towering high above is North America’s highest point: Mount Denali, formerly known as Mount McKinley. In the summer, there is an abundance of wildlife to spot roaming through the park, and in the winter, your breath will be taken away by the gleaming white peaks and vast skies gleaming with stars.

 This year, the national park is celebrating its 100th birthday! A major milestone for a park for sure. With that birthday comes celebrations and with celebrations come new additions. Now established for the first time ever within a national park, is a sled dog adventure group. “Denali Dogs” or the EarthSong Lodge is a sled dog tour company who provides tours both in the summer and winter.

The Denali National park allows mushers to bring their own dogs into the park as well. There is a special trail marked for mushers that recreates the trail rangers used in the early beginnings of the park. The trail is at least 30 miles long and is easiest to follow once park rangers have gone out and broken trail. If you are up for the challenge, however, you can break trail yourself and continue on the trek. There are campsites, tie-stations, and kennel along the way for those wanting to camp on the route. However, if you plan to camp on the trail, you must obtain a backcountry camping permit.

For those who are visiting without their own team, you too can experience the wonder of Denali on dogsled! EarthSong Lodge are your folks; not only do they have sled dogs, but they have camping, cabins, and a coffeehouse. The lodge is unique because they are the first and only sled dog touring company within Denali National Park.


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