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The Sled Dogger Magazine – Ad Terms & Conditions:

  • All Ads Must Be Paid To Be Considered Reserved
  • All Specials Are First Come First Served (Based on Time and Date Of E-mail)
  • Ads Purchased During A “Special” Must Be Paid In Full To Be Reserved & Paid Before Special Ends. No Exceptions.
  • All Ads Must Be Submitted With The Sled Dogger’s Specs and Guidelines.
  • The Sled Dogger Magazine Is A Digital/On-Line Only Magazine
  • Not Responsible For Errors In Ads Created By The Advertiser
  • If We Miss Your Ad, The Remedy is to credit that ad and one additional. (For example, if we didn’t run your ad for some reason, we will credit you for 2 ads that will run at the end of the agreed upon term.)
  • Never Any Click Thru Fees!
  • Never Any Per View Fees!
  • All Ads Are “Linkable” To A Webpage/Email Address Of Your Choice! 1 Link Free. Additional Links Available For A Small Fee Per Link.
  • You Can Update Or Completely Change Your Ad For Every or Any Issue Provided The Finished Ad Copy Is Submitted to And Received By The Sled Dogger By Deadline For That Issue.
  • No Refunds On Advertising For Any Reason. Ad Credits Issued Only!
  • BONUS: If We Have Extra Space That Needs TO Be Filled, We MAY Run Your Ad More Than Once In Any Issue For No Additional Charge.
  • All Ads Are Placed Randomly Within The Issue. If You’d Like Specific Placement in a certain area or feature, Preferred Placement is available at an additional fee. Contact For Info.
  • All Completed Ads Must Be Submitted On or Before Deadline To:   The Sled Dogger Magazine Is NOT RESPONCIBLE For Ad Not Sent To This Address.
  • ALWAYS Include Your Name, Your Company Name And The Size Ad You Have In All Ad Related Correspondence.
  • ALL Correspondence From This Point On Related To Your Ad Must Be Sent To:
  • If You Are A Yearly Advertiser or Agency And Would Like TO FTP Your Ads To Us At Not Additional Charge, We Can Set This Up For You.
  • Ad Agencies Receive 5% Discount EXCEPT On “Ad Specials.”
  • No “Foul Language,” Nudity, Obviously Offensive Content. The Editor or Publisher Reserves The Right To Refuse or Reject Advertising.
  • Production (Making / Designing Your Ad) IS NOT Included In The Ad Price.
  • When Submitting Your Ads, In Your E-mail You MUST INCLUDE: Your Name, Company Name, Ad Size and How Many Issue Along With The Link (Or Links) Where You Want You Ad To Link To.


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