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Andre comes to the Sled Dogger from Cape Town, South Africa and is currently employed at Call of the Wild Kennels in South Colton, New York.

Along with his wife Natalie, they are Dryland Specialists with 23 years’ experience and have now been converted to sledding in the “real stuff”.

Andre & Natalie want to publically thank Spencer Thew, owner of Call of the Wild Kennels for making their dream a reality, and for the daily privilege of working with the amazing Call of the Wild sled dogs.


“Dryland Sledding 101”

Dryland Sledding 101

Anything that falls under Dryland Sledding… carting, bikejoring, canicross- the equipment used, the gear for humans and safety for dogs.   Q&A for rookie or recreational dryland mushers. Rookie workshops on site (Northern New York) will be offered during Spring/Summer.   Entertaining stories about sledding dogs in Africa.   Dryland sledding specialist experience level.

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