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Why Advertise With The Sled Dogger?

The Sled Dogger is what is known as a “nich publication;” our “niche” is 4-season sled dogging in all its forms and aspects. What is this good for you as an advertiser?

If you have a product that targets a specific niche, then niche publications are important to you. It gives you the oppertunity to advertise your products or services to a highly targeted and prequalified group of people.

Niche publications are traditionally magazines that are dedicated to a very specific topic. For example, there are magazines that are exclusively about collecting old bottles. Now, to someone who isn’t an antique bottle collector, they’d surely wonder “how on earth can there be a monthly publication about old bottles? How would that publication get enough content on such a subject let along have a readership that supports it.”

Well, that’s because you may not have an interest in “old bottles” but there are hundres of thousands of people around the world that do have that interest. However, those that do are extremely passionate about it as you may be passionate about Dog Sledding and bottle collectors might say YOUR passion is a silly hobby and wonder how a publication about dog sledding could survive.

The fact of the matter is, when you are involved in a “niche” and you have a product, service or activity for that niche, a publication catering to your “niche” means it’s full of people as passionate as you about, this this case, dog sledding! Everyone who reads The Sled Dogger has some kind of an interest and passion in Sled Dogging. To a business or someone offering a service in that area this cane be a gold mine! Rather than spending hundres or thousands of dollars in a big, popular magazine that may have considerably more readers, only a tiny fraction, if any, of those readers may have an interest in a product or service related to Dog Sledding.

Because a “niche” publication targets a specific audience, their readership is lower which means your cost to advertise is lower as well. However, every reader of the niche publication has the same interest as you and could very likely be interested in your product or service. So, you are EXCLUSIVELY targeting the people who may want your product and doing so at a much cheaper and cost effective price.

Last but not least, as an all volunteer run digital publication, The Sled Dogger’s overhead is very low. Rather than using that as a way to make greater profits for our publication, we pass these saving on to our advertisers as a way to make it affordable for anyone who wants to advertise. This is our way of tahnking our advertisers for allowing us to produce a publication that is honest, positive and supportive of all forms and variations of Sled Dogging!

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