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Do you have an idea for a story?  Know someone, someplace or something that should be covered or features?  Do you have a story of your own!  This is YOUR MAGAZINE and we honestly believe Every Dog, Kennel, Handler, Driver, Event, Adventure and more Have Stories To Deserve Telling!  Here’s how….


There are a couple ways you can pitch your story or coverage ideas to us.  They are as follows:

  • TELL US!: Simply drop us a note and tell us about your story or coverage idea.  It can be about a person, place, kennel, event or anything related to Sled Dogging…., OR, it can be about your kennel or product.  Our staff will look it over and every idea is considered!  If you’re is chosen, we will assign a staff writer as soon as one becomes available to produce a story from your idea!


  • WRITE YOUR OWN!: If you have a story to tell about your Kennel, a team, dog, event you were in or attend or something else related to Sled Dogging, drop us a line and pitch the story to us.   We’re ALWAYS Looking for stories to feature in our “Reader’s Stories” Feature!


  • What you submit is to be a story for entertainment value and IS NOT to be a big ad about your kennel, service, product or anything else.  Submissions that are deemed as “Purely Promotional/Advertising Content” will be rejected.
  • When you pitch your story, you’ll hear back pretty quick.  However, depending on how many stories we receive and any given time, it may be a few issues before you see your story!  Be patient.  If we accept and approve your story, we’ll tell you and IT WILL APPEAR!
  • To help increase the number of Reader Stories we can use and get to the public, the “Reader’s Stories Feature will appear in each issue of the Magazine and additional stories will appear on the website’s “Reader’s Stories” section.  What goes where is dependent on available space and the decision of the editors or publisher.
  • If/When YOUR STORY appears, we ask just one favor of you….  TELL EVERYONE!  Link to your story from your Website, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or other social media outlets and more!  Let the world see your story while, at the same time, helping get the word out about The Sled Dogger Magazine and Website!


  • Tell Us About A Story Or Why You Should Be Featured:

    Pitch your story idea in 500 words or less and our staff will review/consider it and let you know!

  • Write Your Own TRUE Story:

    Give us a sample or your full story.  We will review/consider it and get in touch with you!




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