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Winter Issue Cover - Sled DoggerThe SLED DOGGER Magazine: Readership continues to grow in leaps and bounds! Unfortunately, Donations and Reader Financial Support has TOTALLY DRIED UP for quite some time. We know the other Mushing Related Publications are charging for every issue and have been for years. However, we’d like to remain FREE!

Along with our regular operating expenses we had a very costly week when our computer’s graphics card fried and took our main, widescreen monitor with it; the monitor used for the design and layout of each issue. Without reader support via donations, these additional costs on top of our regular costs are devastating.

As the publisher, I was hoping to keep this publication totally free for readers around the world. It’s unfortunate, but it seems that (if donations don’t pick up) The Sled Dogger Magazine may have to start charging $2.00 to access each new issue. That’s only $8 a YEAR!! If you think about it, that’s only about a couple dollars more than a single issue of any other dog sled related magazine (which are about 1/3 the pageSpring 2015 Cover-Draft count as ours), so it’s still a screaming deal. Personally though, I’d rather The SLED DOGGER remained free.

In addition to the $2 per issue charge, we may offer a $5 a year subscription. As for Back Issues, we will be charging $2.00 Per Issue to access or download back issues too.

As The SLED DOGGER’s publisher, it kills me to start charging! I realize charging for the magazine, even a very small amount, will make our readership drop a bit; but I also know it will recover with new readers.

Everyone on the staff, including myself, are volunteers here. But, we do have operating expenses and it seems that my tiny disability check gets smaller and smaller each month as I pour it into the development of the publication, upgrades and general operating costs. However, I’m proud of this publication and I have no Summer 2015 Draftintention of stopping it. But others charge $5+ per issue for a much smaller magazine so $2 shouldn’t be too offensive.

If you want to donate and donations start picking up, it will remain free. Frankly, I’d rather have you CHOOSE to DONATE $2 (or more if you can afford it) from time to time at your leisure than having to be obligated to spend $2 simply to get an issue!!  So, I’m hoping donations pick up over the next month or so and we will be able to keep it FREE! Otherwise, it seems, the Winter Issue (November Release) will be the start of each issue carrying a $2.00 cover price to view or download. PLEASE DONATE:

With that said, after looking at the numbers and comparing them with other Dog Sled related publications and organizations, apparently, YOU LIKE US!

Everyone at The SLED DOGGER MAGAZINE works very hard (as volunteers) to bring you the best Mushing Related Publication possible! We try to make every issue better than the last! We have been told by several readers that, although a Free and Volunteer Run Publication, The SLED DOGGER is about the best publication out there and they look forward to each issue. Even though we have no marketing budget and are promoted ONLY by word of mouth and on Facebook, in less than a year we’ve achieved a pretty good status and footing in the world of Dog Sledding!

In Order Of Number Of Likes on Facebook:
(As of Noon Eastern Time – 7/25/15)

1st: Dog & Driver Magazine: 3,179 Likes
2nd: The Sled Dogger: 2,775 Likes (THANK YOU EVERYONE!)
3rd: International Federation of Sled Dog Sports: 1,684 Likes
4th: Sled Dog World Magazine: 1,148
5th: Mushing Magazine: 884 Likes
6th: International Sled Dog Racing Association: 514 Likes

Considering ALL of these places (Magazine and Organizations) have been around for many years compared to The SLED DOGGER’s 8 Months, we’re doing quite well! PLEASE, allow us to keep going, growing and supporting Dog Sledding in all aspects and levels around the world; allow us to keep doing it FREE! All we ask is a little support back of only $2 or so from time to time (more if you can afford it) and we can keep it all going and not put a cover charge on every issue! As publisher, I’ve done about all I can to keep the magazine FREE; the ball is now in your court as out readership…..

Please Donate What and When You Can!

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