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MichelleJacksonMichelle is the Founder and President of Tilak Learning Group where she writes, develops, and facilitates training courses for Fortune 1000 companies as well as non-profit organizations.  She is  a board member of the Dayton Council on World Affairs – bringing intercultural opportunities to the local business community.   Michelle was introduced to the world of dog sledding in the mid 1970s when she saw her first dog sled race on Wide World of Sports. She was a kid and completely enthralled with the idea of traveling by dog sled.  She followed races from afar for many years.  In 2012, her and her husband took their dream trip to Alaska to see the start of the Iditarod and meet the Mushers in person. On that trip, she finally took her first dog sled ride and was hooked.   She began learning how to mush in 2013 and entered her first 18 mile 4–dog race in January 2014. Michelle is a Lead Dog Member of the Iditarod Trail Committee as well as a member of SAFE Trails Association.   Michelle stated “I truly love this sport and can’t wait to share with you what I learn.  Happy Trails!!

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