Jessi Richter

| January 27, 2017 | 0 Comments

I’m an enthusiastic writer who loves all things mushing! I grew up just outside of Chicago and have done a lot of Urban mushing with Windy City Mushers. While I am young and maybe a little inexperienced, I have run races and grew up with two huskies that my family adopted while I was still in high school. I, unfortunately, do not have any pups of my own currently, but my family dogs are as much mine as they are the family’s.

Always willing to try anything once, I’m excited to have an excuse to try all kinds of new mushing and meet the people who have dedicated their lives to raising sled dogs. I have spent my life outside in the winter, whether skiing or running to the ‘L’, it never ruins my day if it’s less than 35 degrees out, especially if it’s snowing. I can’t wait to get the kick-sled out and try all sorts of new things!

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