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Julia-2Julia was chosen to be on the staff as only moments after we announced we were having a Jr Staff and positions were open, The publisher received an amazing e-mail from a bright, talented and experienced girl.

Rather than a Bio, the publisher decided to simply use Julia’s letter to The Sled Dogger.  It went as follows:

“My name is Julia Cross.  I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  I am 12 years old.  I know I am 1 year younger than you want for the job of a junior writer, but I am obsessed with dogsledding.  I have been dogsledding for 7 years, and last year I ran my first race: the Beargrease Cub Race, in Minnesota.  I came in 5th place, and was very excited about doing my first race! 

I volunteer at several kennels and help handle dog teams for several mushers, including Nathan Schroeder, 2014 Iditarod Rookie of the Year.  I also attend and follow as many races as I can through the season.  The walls in my room are dedicated to mushers.  I have also met and correspond with several well-known North American mushers such as the Seavey’s, Streepers, Paul Reid,  Ryan Redington, as well as some who aren’t as well-known.  

I did a science fair project comparing marathon runners and sled dogs, looking at their diets and exercise routines.  This project was presented at the Northern Ontario Regional Science Fair, and also at the John Beargrease Gala Dinner.”

With that said, and with her parents permission, Julia has become the 1st Jr Staff Member of The Sled Dogger.

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