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I was born and raised in the southern Rockies in Alberta, Canada and have heaps of experience doing it hard, freezing my butt off and overall adventuring in these pointy rocks. I enjoy all winter sports including skiing (all kinds), snowshoeing, ice climbing, tobogganing, mushing, skijoring and pretty much anything that involves the fluffy white stuff that falls in abundance here for half the year. I spend a lot of time outside for both work and pleasure and am an admitted gear junkie- everything from skijoring belts and lines to 4 season tents, portable heaters and gaiters, my garage is full!

I currently have two mixed breed dogs who are trained in a number of sports including skijoring. We mostly mush for leisure and enjoy cruising the designated ski runs in and around our home town. So many people

stopped us on the trail asking us, “Please, how did you teach your dog to do this?” that we finally decided to start up a small local club to do just that last year. Red Dog Sled Dog School provides a number of simple seminars that teach folks the basics of mushing- the commands, the gear and the safest way to get your pet couch potato out running in the snow.

Most of my sled dogging experience was gained from my time in Australia… yes, there is snow there AND a huge following of enthusiastic mushers who race on both wheeled carts and sleds. They taught me how to train others and I am thankful for that. We try to participate in local clubs for Canicross and skijor events, and often volunteer our time with some of the bigger races (like the Yukon Quest).

I like dogs and I like gear so this column seemed a good fit for me. I look forward to sharing my experiences with the larger sled dog community.

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