Kristi Benson – Husky Help Line

| October 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

Kristi Benson column two photo credit Yoenne Ewald_1Kristi will be doing The Sled Dogger’s “Husky Help Line” column.  A dog musher and trainer for ten years, Kristi is an honors graduate of the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers, where she earned her Certificate in Training and Counseling. She lives and works in the Parkland Region of central Manitoba Canada, where she teaches dog obedience classes and helps dog owners in private consultations for a full range of dog problems, from basic obedience to aggressive behavior. Kristi also helps sled dog owners who need training or behavior help through distance consults, by email, phone and skype. She co-founded and runs the day-to-day operations of Parkland Husky, an adoption venue for sled dogs who are trained and placed in pet homes, and volunteers as a dog trainer with the Swan Valley Animal Protection League. Kristi recently started on staff at the Academy for Dog Trainers, helping to shape the next generation of canine professionals. Contact her through her website, or check out her blog and Facebook page for training tips

Photo By: Yoenne Ewald

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