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Whereas The Sled Dogger Magazine is a “virtual magazine,” visually, it looks, works and reads like a magazine except on your computer or mobile device.  No more waiting for an issue to come in the mail (hopefully undamaged) or the exhaustive search looking for a place to purchase an issue.  Now, you can get the latest issue of (back issues too) The SLED DOGGER instantly via your computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

For advertisers, this makes your ad last longer and, BEST OF ALL, your display ad is clickable by the reader to redirect them instantly to your Website or Facebook Page where they can get the information they seek and/or BUY YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE INSTANTLY!

The Sled Dogger Magazine Introductory Display Advertising Rates:

(The Publisher Reserves The Right To Change Rates At Any Time)


(Full Color or B&W)
1 Issue - Regular Rate2 Issues - 10% Off3 Issues - 15% Off4 Issues (1 Yr) 25% Off
2-Page Spread$190.00$171.00 x 2$161.50 x 3$142.50 x 4
Full Page$150.00$135 x 2$127.50 x 3$112.50 x 4
2/3 Page (Vertical)$115.00$103.50 x 2$97.75 x 3$86.25 x 4
1/2 Page (Vertical)$85.00$76.50 x 2$72.25 x 3$63.75 x 4
1/2 Page (Horizontal)$85.00$76.50 x 2$72.25 x 3$63.75 x 4
1/3 Page (Vertical)$70.00$63.00 x 2$59.50 x 3$45.00 x 4
1/4 Page Corner Box$55.00$49.50 x 2$46.75 x 3$41.25 x 4
1/8 Page$40.00$36.00 x 2$34.00 x 3$30.00 x 4
Business Card$30.00$27.00 x 2$25.50 x 3$22.50 x 4
The 2015/2016 Display Advertising Rates for the Digital Magazine. Full Color or B&W - Unlimited Views and Click-Throughs.

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