Mandy Collins Interview

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DSC_0160Mandy Collins: Racing her Way to the Top

Story and Photos by: Kaitlynn Tidwell

The Collins Family do a lot for the sprint circuit around Michigan and beyond. Mandy Collins, oldest of 5 children, has managed to accomplish many things since she started racing at a very young age. They are a very out-doors loving family, and their journey into dog sledding began with Mandy’s father Jim looking for Beagles in the newspaper for hunting. Instead they ended up going to look at 3 mutty-looking sled dogs with “tiny weasel heads and skinny legs” for $100. After being shown how to run them and the sled, the Collins’ owned their first team of dogs that has grown to a substantially sized kennel of regularly winning teams.

Before Mandy became such a successful racer she was involved in many other animal related sports and activities. She has been exposed to and riding horses since she was a baby when her mother Kristi owned a horse. Her family also owns sheep, turkeys, pigs, chickens, cats, and a variety of dogs that aren’t for sledding. Of course there’s also a mini horse, because why not! When Mandy isn’t in extreme proximity to an animal at home, she is attending school for graphic design and creating logos and artwork for kennels, race organizers, and magazines with great success. Everything she does relates back to her passions – she truly loves these parts of her life – and it shows in how much she has achieved.

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