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At the ripe old age of 60, having always had dogs and hiked extensively with them for decades, we got our first full husky (we’d always taken in strays rescue cross breeds). Within a year, I developed a degenerative back condition: What do you do with a wild young husky when you know you won’t be able to hike soon, or run a bike or scooter? We got a second husky and a canine sulky, and have been going strong ever since. Now, at 68, my husband and I still get up in the wee hours of the morning 5-6 days a week for a 4-5 mile run, and on weekends I drive 40-50 miles North to run with an urban mushing group. We have yet to find a trail they can do that we cannot, and some of our weekday trails, they won’t attempt. Annually we run the fundraising “So Mush Fun” run to raise money for a local husky rescue, and attend the La Pine Dryland Mushing get together to run the trails with the big dryland-carting teams in Oregon.

A desktop publisher in my working life, I self-educated on urban mushing and my group holds introductory seminars on it for newcomers. Since I can barely walk, the rest of my time I spend as an administrator on numerous Facebook pages for huskies, urban mushers and dog drivers. I want to encourage others to get into dog-pulling sports, especially as Northern Breeds get so much joy from being able to really run, not just go for a walk around the block and spend the rest of the day sleeping. Canine sulkies make it possible for those of us with disabilities to get out and enjoy nature with our dogs, so we hope to introduce this to as many people as possible.

My background includes working in animal rehab at our local wildlife-rescue, Wildcare, and the Marine Mammal Center on the California coast, and I host monthly northern breed meet-ups in the SF North Bay area through S.F. Husky Meetup.

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