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| September 4, 2015 | 0 Comments

Work From Home in your spare time supporting something you love!  The SLED DOGGER is seeking a volunteer PhotoShop Genius.  It’s isn’t a job that will keep you really busy.  As need we will drop you a line to help us with a project.  However, if you want to get more involved, we’ve got some great ideas and want to hear yours too!

Some duties and responsibilities:

  • Design/Create Flyers For Promoting The SLED DOGGER and our Events
  • Create/Design Our Business Cards
  • Create/Design our Self Promo Ad Spots
  • From Time To Time, Create/Design Ads for our Advertisers

If you can squeeze a little time out of your schedule to help us, it would be awesome and greatly appreciated.  Be part of the team that is supporting and promoting all aspects and levels of Dog Sledding around the world!

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