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Winter Issue Cover - Sled DoggerAs the Editor/Publisher of The Sled Dogger, I’m thrilled to see the quick growth of the website! Keeping in mind, we are a niche site/publication catering to a specific audience that, in the big picture, is a very small population. With that in mind, we’re not People Magazine or a Super Famous Law Firm, the Iditarod or anything else that has a huge advertising and marketing budget, been around for years and gets massive visits to their site. No, we are an all volunteer run publication catering to a very small segment of the population with ABSOLUTELY NO Advertising/Marketing Budget and promoted solely by Facebook, word or mouth and our banners being at 1 major event (so far).

When you take all that into account, I am ecstatic that The Sled Dogger Website itself is averaging 150 visits per day! For a brand new website that is only 2 1/2 months old with no market/promotions (except, as stated, Facebook and word of mouth), averaging 150 visits PER DAY is extraordinary!

Spring 2015 Cover-DraftI am so thankful for the amazing and talents staff of volunteers who give up their own time to write articles, stories, features and information for you, our readers, for every issue of the magazine. It was an Honor working with The Copper Basin 300 as an Official Sponsor this year as well! We have so much dedication and desire to do so much for Mushers around the world, having a great and strong start like this is amazing!

I am going to bend over backwards to keep this magazine free for everyone even if I have to pay for it myself from my meager disability pay! The Sled Dogger is here to stay and we are YOUR MAGAZINE! Sure, we’ll cover the racers and big names because our readers want to hear about that! However, we whole heartedly work every day to seek out others, unknowns, from around the world who, to us, are just as important to keep mushing alive! The Recreational and Hobby Mushers, Skijor, Bikejor, Carters, and yes, the Racers! Sprint, Mid Distance and Long Distance Mushers! EVERYONE is IMPORTANT and EVERYONE has a story to deserves to be told! Some of these stories are inspiration, informational, or entertaining. Others may be funny, sad, or fire you up a bit.

IMG_5895357050802The Sled Dogger IS NOT run or financed by any major (or minor for that matter) investors, no major corporate sponsors, and nothing and no one to keep us from being TOTALLY HONEST and Unbiased!

To survive isn’t the problem; it’s to keep up with technology, software and bandwidth that gives the reader a better viewing experience on computers and mobile devices alike that can get costly. Anyone who is involved in a magazine knows what I have discovered in all the years of publishing magazine in my background, Advertisers don’t even consider advertising with a new publication for 1 to 2 years! Why? before they break down their already spread out advertising budget ever further, they want to be sure the new publication is dependable, releases on time consistently, has consistent quality content and readership is growing before they will advertise.

What this means, we are going it alone for 1 to 2 years! So, like Public Television, we need your support! If you believe in what we are about, what we stand for, enjoy our website and magazine, PLEASE, Donate something, anything! We refuse to charge you for the publication so we will remain FREE. But if all of our readers donated only $3.00 one time, JUST ONCE, we would have everything we need to survive, grow and better ourselves as well as our reader’s reading experience through the toughest term of a new magazine; the first 1 to 2 years!

If you love us! Donate what you can! $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, whatever is in your budget to be able to afford without hurting yourself (of your dogs if you have dogs)! There is no such thing as a donation too small! Every penny counts! Trust me, as editor and publisher of this publication, it pains me incredibly to have to ask! I want to offer you something great, not ask you for anything. But, to do so until larger advertisers start getting involved, I have to ask you even though it kills me to do so. What you have to keep in mind when considering donations, YOU ARE THE “OTHER GUY/GAL” that people talk about…. I don’t need to donate, some other guy/gal will do it and they’ll be fine…. You are the Other Guy/Gal! We need your support!

Do you own a Kennel, Business, Service or have Products in any way related to Mushing? ADVERTISE WITH US! If you look at our advertising rates, you can see clearly that we are here to support you and make advertising affordable. Compare our display ad rates with any other publication of our type and you’d see we are SUBSTANCIALLY LOWER!

We even have “Supporter Page” Ads! These are Business Card sized ads where you can use your Business card itself or design something that fits in that space. Don’t have a Business, Buy the spot and say “The Wilson Family Supports The Sled Dogger,” or “Snowy Paws Kennel Supports The Sled Dogger!” You can even do it “In Memory” of someone or your favorite dog that has passed over the rainbow bridge!

Last but not least, if you have a business and want to advertise and even our rates are too high, CONTACT US! Tell us what you want to do and we will try very hard to make it so you can advertise!

To ADVERTISE Display Ads in the Magazine:   Subject: Display Ads

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To Donate:

Last but not least, if you don’t like The Sled Dogger for one reason or another, TELL US WHY!  We strive to be the best we can be and we mean it when we say we are YOUR MAGAZINE!  We LOVE to hear from our readers!  Tells us your thoughts, ideas, complaints, gripes, or suggestions…  Or, tell us you love us!  Nonetheless, TELL US!


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