Siobhan Burrell – Mushing in the UK

| September 15, 2015 | 0 Comments

Hi Everyone! I’m Siobhan Burrell, 55 Years of age, married to Ian and live in Moira, Northern Ireland. We live on a 1.5 Acre Small Holding with our 14 Siberian Huskies, 4 of which are Rescues, 20 Hens, 3 Roosters and Cat. I am a Registered Nurse by Profession, I completed my Nurse Training in Toronto where I lived for 24 years, my Mum and Brother still live in Toronto. I compete in Dryland Mushing Races within Ireland with my 4 Dog Team and hope this coming season to run a 6 Dog Team. I have had Huskies since 1994. I am a Founding Member of the Siberian Husky Club of Northern Ireland, former Secretary of the Club and currently serve as a Committee Member. I look forward to writing for the Sled Dogger Magazine and working with Bob and all of you

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