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Affordable Websites For Those Involved In Dog Sledding

If you are involved in any form of Dog Sledding (Dog Sledding, Carting, Skijoring, Bikjoring, Carnicross) or Dogs in any way and you’d like a Quality, Appealing, Responsive and Functional Website giving you/your business/kennel a presence on the web, The Sled Dogger’s “SLED WEBS” is for you!

We aren’t a “Web Design Firm” charging high prices as a money making business. Instead, SLED WEBS is run by the publisher of The Sled Dogger who is ONLY doing websites for those affiliated with Dog Sledding/Dog Powered Sports and Activities that want or need a web presence at an affordable rate. Whether it is a simple blog, more of an informational site promoting your Kennel/Business/Products or an e-commerce site where you can sell your products and services.

Best of all, I build your site! Not a team of people taking on 6 to 10 sites at a time to make as much money as possible. My priority is The Sled Dogger Magazine, Supporting and Promoting All Forms/Levels of Dog Sledding! I do this on the site to support those involved and I BUILD 1 SITE AT A TIME! YOURS!

Although I can build high quality, appealing and responsive websites, I don’t do incredibly elaborate sites for large businesses. I’m mainly here to help those who want or need a web presence without it costing an arm and a leg or your first born to make it happen!

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Well, we’re just starting this, but our own site, the Official site for  The Sled Dogger at is a site we built!

We also built a nice, easy and affordable site for Heywood Kennels Sled Dog Adventures which can be seen at:

Another Site we’ve built is a small business site that will be expanding soon as they add more products.  That is a site for Critterwoods Brake Products and can be seen at:

Our rate was more than 60% less than the cheapest places they could for what they got.   AND, the sites built by Sled Web came with Hosting for a Year in THEIR NAME, THEIR OWNERSHIP of the Domain Name, and up to 25 of your own e-mails addresses (i.e.:, and so forth)!  ANd, having an e-mail from your business name is far more pro than your business at a gmail or yahoo type address!!!!!!!   No Ads all over their site either!   Last but not least, minor maintenance is included for a year as well too!

So, if you NEED or WANT a website that is High Quality, easy for your viewers / customers to navigate, easy to track, makes you look pro and really gets your business going and, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg or your first born to pay for, give us a call!  Person service, 1 site built at a time and we’re pretty much ALWAYS near the computer of the iPhone if you need us for something!

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