Stacy Spencer

| January 27, 2017 | 0 Comments

Stacy has loved dog sledding since she was young. Through that love, she moved to Alaska in 2010 to further pursue her dream. Though she has not reached that dream, she still envelopes herself in the love for dogs, and the love of the sport. Visiting her home, you can see her expression through art and posters of recent races all over her walls, and she’s proud to tell you the story of each race the poster represents.

Today, Stacy is found exploring and hiking with her husband and her dog. Stacy loves to read and research dog sledding history and stories. Stacy also has a given talent for writing and describing events around her. She took to writing at first just to encourage creativity, but it soon became something she’d do to express herself. She’s a natural at story telling. Now she enjoys writing everything from journalism, to short stories, to even poetry.

Stacy hopes to inspire readers of Sled Dogger Magazine, as well as to share her passion with every reader.

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