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Summer 2015 DraftThe Summer Issue of The SLED DOGGER is now available FREE to subscribers and/or via our official website.  We were a day late in releasing the issue but we wanted to make sure it was right.  It’s a huge issue with great content and images.  Once again our volunteer staff has offered up some great columns, features, articles, interviews and, as usual, spectacular images!

We are a FREE Publication who is currently in our 1st year.  This is the hardest time for any publication to survive as it builds readership and earns the trust of perspective advertisers by having great content and releasing on time.  In the 1st year, for the most part, we foot the bill ourselves to continue giving you a quality publication that is supportive of a strong interest we all share and we do it FREE!  No “Per Issue” Cost and certainly NOTHING TO JOIN at an annual fee!   When we say FREE, we mean FREE!


Please donate whatever you can to help us through trying 1st year struggle.  You can donate through PayPal even if you aren’t a member by using your Credit/Debit Card from almost anywhere in the world!

When you click donate, it will take you to the donation page and scroll down a bit to the logos of the MasterCard, Visa, Discover Cards and select Pay With Credit/Debit Card.  This bypasses the PayPal account if you have one and if you don’t, it allows you to use your Credit/Debit Card from almost anywhere in the world WITHOUT being a member!

Please click on the Donation Link below and Donate What You Can!


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