Kaitlynn Tidwell

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DSC_0152My name is Kaitlynn Tidwell. I was born in Windsor, Ontario and was the first born to my family. Being born with Transposition of the Great Arteries and other heart defects I grew up with a lot of medical struggles related to my heart, but it led me to appreciate life to a much fuller extent than I would have otherwise. I grew up with my two younger brothers, our Shihtzu, Buddy, and my cat I got for my 7th birthday, Crystal, and always had animals in my life.

Eventually my compassion for animals led me to my first horseback riding lesson and I spent the majority my younger life in a barn whenever I had free time. I rode English and Western, jumped and barrel raced, and did almost everything else in between. As I got more serious with my schooling riding fell to the side, but I will always have a soft spot for horses. Besides being an animal lover I have always pursued the arts and am very passionate about painting and drawing in my spare moments. My love for the world also touches humans too and I am currently in my final year of my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

Animals were only out of my life for a short time and then my boyfriend Matthew and I purchased our first house together. Within a couple of months we rescued our cat, Jasper, and then Matthew made that dreadful statement, “let’s just go look,” when he saw an ad for husky puppies. We have been hooked on Alaskan Huskies ever since and now have Arrow and Mira. Arrow, my eldest, got us into the world of sled dogs in 2013 after we tried him at Bikejoring with friends and he flew past almost everyone at 8 months old. My dogs are now the focus of my entire world and I love every single moment of living, learning and competing with them. Bikejoring and sledding takes up a huge part of my life and I don’t know what I would do without it!


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