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(Based On Facebook Likes)

We, at The SLED DOGGER, know and understand that this isn’t a scientific poll or anything like that at all.  We also realize these numbers (in reality) do not reflect the actual readership or membership status or numbers; it doesn’t take into account the good they’ve done for the sport/activity; nor does it reflect the quality of their publication or their organization what-so-ever!  In fact, they are simply Facebook Rankings via” LIKES.”  Nonetheless, the numbers do show something; we’ll let you take from it what you will….  However, what’s great is, The SLED DOGGER hasn’t even been around for a full year yet, in comparison to all the others who have been on Facebook for YEARS, we seem to be doing well!!  Thank You TO Our Readers and a Great Volunteer Staff!

10/18/2015 <> 10:00 PM EST


The SLED DOGGER Magazine:                                                   5,127
Dog & Driver Magazine:                                                                  3,300
(IFSS) International Federation of Sled Dog Sports:           1,940
Sled Dog Central Magazine:                                                           1,485
Mushing Magazine:                                                                            1,205
(ISDRA) International Sled Dog Racing Association:             549

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