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GinaGina is involved in Dry Land and Urban Mushing.  

Gina became a Certified K9 Behaviorist through United K9 Professionals and am currently rehabilitating dogs that are fearful , aggressive or have other type behavior issues.  She works with service dogs and owners that need help with their service dogs . One of the unique elements of what she does is dog driving for the disabled …

“I was looking for safe vehicles for my clients and found Chalosulky . This company builds sulkies for dog driving. I have had a huge success in showing people how to use their dogs for transportation or for the fun of the sport.”

She sets up a vendors booths at many dog events for United K9 Professionals and their sister company Merlinskids . My display includes a canopy tent, paper work for Merlins Kids & UKP , all Chalosulky equipment, 3 KickBikes & 6 Digglers . Tug N Tow , harnesses and tug-lines.  She also holds workshops & clinics ( Pulling & driving) with these type of rigs on urban mushing.

As for Dryland Musihing, “These are things we do when you don’t have snow. I have my dogs/and teach other dogs about the scooters from Kick Bikes and Diggler . We also drive them with sulkies & carts from Chalosulky.”

About Gina’s Column
“Urban Mushing”

Gina’s Urban Mushing column will cover (but not limited) to :  Obstacles, sidewalks , traffic lights , distractions ,vacationing with your dog,  locations that are dog friendly in the south , beach driving , other dogs off leash while driving …I think I could come up with many topics on the perils of urban bikejoring!

Also, interviews with the makers of Chalosulky, Diggler, KickBikes and Tug N Tow as well as interviews with Behaviorists, Trainers, and southern sled dog breed rescue organizations.

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