Xenora Collins

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Born and raised in northern-lower Michigan, Xenora’s love of all animals was evident from a very young age, but it wasn’t until she moved to Alaska in the winter of 2003 that she became enamored with northern breeds and dog-sledding. After years of careful research, she acquired her first Siberian Husky, a black-and-white dog named Amaroq, during the 11 years she lived in The Last Frontier. She has been training dogs for nearly 13 years, working primarily with the rehabilitation of rescue dogs and also training for obedience and Service Dog work/tasks.

Xenora has since (temporarily) left Alaska, re-locating first to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and then to the deserts and mountains of Arizona. She continues to work there with her current dog, a red-and-white Siberian Husky named Taqukaq (who is also trained as Xenora’s medically necessary Service Dog). Since she no longer lives in a snow-bound climate, Xenora has had to become a little more creative about finding ways to exercise and train over dry ground, although never in hot weather!

As a published author, Xenora has two short stories currently in print (“Batsie Forever” and “That Autumn’s Rain”), one short story pending release (“The Boneyard”), and two full-length novels on the way. When she isn’t writing or working dogs, Xenora can be found hiking, reading, cooking/baking, playing one of several musical instruments, or just spending time with her boyfriend, Jason.


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